We Supply:

VENDOR EXCELENCE (taking the hassles out of procurement)


TECHCHEM provides customers with consumables, spares, chemicals and maintenance contracts to ensure minimal downtime and maximise cost saving. We focus on finding creative alternatives and the shortest turnaround time. We supply solutions that enable clients to increase output, cut costs and increase their bottom line. TECHCHEM’S experienced team will be able to respond quickly to your daily crises.

TECHCHEM understands the urgency and cost implications when it comes to acquisition of consumables, spares and chemicals, we can offer solutions by including the following:

  • Spare parts (Pumps, valves, etc)
  • Consumables (filters, cartridges,)
  • Filtration media (silica, acti sand)
  • Iron exchange resin.
  • Activated carbon.
  • Reverse osmosis, Nano filtration, ultra filtration and microfiltration membranes and cartridge filters and related spares and servicing.
  • Softeners.
  • Standard membrane products.
  • Sand filters.
  • Carbon filters.
  • Package plants.
  • Instruments (pressure gauges, conductivity meter and probes, etc.)
  • Filter press and spares.
  • Drum filters and spares.
  • Cables.
  • Basically all water related equipment and spare used on mine sites.

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